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RE-Pinnacle's orignality

“No matter it’s a special day or normal day, home is where our story begins...”
A shirt with class, choose your style to tuck in or to tuck out.
We give you the most authentic daily clothing suited for any occasions.
We carefully select fabrics for different styles to fit any occasions, formal or casual.
Our focus on comfort fittings and sustainability fabrics leads us to fine the sewing; high-quality products for a reasonable price.
All items are made carefully and stitched with heart, offering the taste of real richness of quality.

‘Restart from life’: Re-Pinnacle.
Re-Pinnacle can be interpreted as restarting from life, focusing on the small details of life. This philosophy also means "restarting", 
which symbolizes that the Pinnacle brand isrestarting and reaching a new peak. By collecting multiple high-quality surpluses to 
make daily clothing suitable for different time and occasions in daily life.

Re-Pinnacle = "less, but more”
To reduce unnecessary consumption and wastage in daily life, we only provide the best for the customers. 
By reducing redundant choices, gearing time to rethink the basic of life, and to enjoy the beauty of simplicity.